A Culture of Commitment andPassion

Our Values-Based Culture

We are lucky to work in an industry with such an important purpose and believe it is a privilege to participate and dedicate our careers to such meaningful work. We strive to provide more than a job, but instead provide an opportunity where Cytokinetics may fulfill your personal motivations to contribute to something bigger than any one of us. We appreciate that company culture is something that constantly evolves, and we believe it is critical to articulate what is important to us, how we will commit to treat and respect each other, and what we want to foster and encourage. We acknowledge that some aspects of our culture are more developed while others are aspirational. However, this reflects our “stake in the ground” to guide us, hold us accountable, and celebrate what is important to us.



Innovation is at the heart of Cytokinetics’ mission. We take pride in the pursuit of innovative approaches to novel research and development. While our approach is more challenging, carries higher risks, and can be humbling at times, we wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Open Dialogue

We recognize that the complexities of our novel pursuits will foster discussion and possibly result in passionate convictions and healthy debates from all levels and functional areas. We also expect and take pride in transparent and candid dialogue with and among all employees. Critical and bold thinking enables us to achieve our goals.


Integrity & Respect

We expect ethical behavior, high integrity, and mutual respect from all employees. Although opinions may differ, the focus must remain on solving the issue or challenge at hand while maintaining a respectful atmosphere. We are strongest when we function as a unified team.


Goals & Accountability

We are aggressive in setting challenging goals as well as measuring and communicating our performance and execution toward them. We also recognize that our objectives may require adjustment with new information or data. We have high expectations regarding commitment, dedication, ownership, and accountability for outcomes.


Work/Life Balance

We ask a lot of our employees. Cytokinetics is not the place to work if you are seeking an easy, predictable, and comfortable job. At the same time, we seek to offer flexible solutions for how the job can be performed and strive to afford reasonable work/life balance for all employees. We believe we set realistic expectations but recognize that success in our business requires extraordinary dedication and commitment to excellence.


Professional Growth

We view employee development as mutually beneficial and a shared responsibility. We expect employees to be challenged, afforded the opportunity to develop new skills, and given every opportunity to excel but also allowed to fail. We foster an environment where employees can learn from their missteps and facilitate an environment of personal and professional development, growth, and advancement.


A Fun Community

We are proud of fostering a strong sense of community in which our employees develop strong bonds with colleagues. We provide many opportunities to mix work and social connections and believe a friendly atmosphere is critical to building and sustaining a positive and invigorating culture. We also believe that we have a corporate and social responsibility to give back to the broader community in which we operate through volunteerism and support of the patient populations we serve.