Empowering Lives in the CommunitiesWe Serve

Grants and Giving Programs

At Cytokinetics, our values and commitment to corporate social responsibility encourage giving to organizations that are aligned with our therapeutic areas of interest. We provide grants and charitable support to a diverse group of organizations that we believe make a real difference. We view giving as more than just financial support, but as an opportunity to create or expand partnerships with those who share our focus and passion for the communities we serve.

What We Support:

  • Medical & Scientific Meetings We are committed to advancing medical knowledge in our fields of research, study and development. Grants and corporate support are provided to research institutions, hospitals, and disease organizations to support scientific exchange and discourse.
  • Healthcare-related Charitable Organizations We build lasting partnerships with organizations serving our patient communities. As such, we provide support for disease education, patient support services, and fundraisers.
  • Community Philanthropy We care deeply about our local community as well as the humanitarian and social programs that are important to our employees. We encourage employees to volunteer their time and personal resources to support community programs and employees participate in a minimum of one day of service to community programs each year. In addition, we support our employees’ charitable interests by making matching contributions.