Efficacy and Tolerability of the Novel Fast Skeletal Muscle Troponin Activator, CK-2017357, in Patients with Claudication

Poster, 22nd Annual Sessions of the Society for Vascular Medicine
Boston, MA
Hiatt WR, Hirsch AT, Bauer TA, Malik F, Lee J, Lin Y, Han FX, Chen MM, Jones D, Cedarbaum JM, Wolff AA
June 2011

The Direct Smooth Muscle Myosin Inhibitor, CK-2125927, Represents a Novel Therapeutic Mechanism of Bronchodilation

Poster, 2011 Experimental Biology Conference
Washington, DC
Pannirselvam M, Jia Z, Durham N, Godinez G, Zavodovskaya M, Lenzi D, Clancy S, Hartman JJ, Morgans DJ, Morgan BP, Qian X, Malik FI
April 2011

Cardiac Myosin Activation: A Potential Therapeutic Approach for Systolic Heart Failure

Malik FI, Hartman JJ, Elias KA, Morgan BP, Rodriguez H, Brejc K, Anderson RL, Sueoka SH, Lee KH, Finer JT, Sakowicz R
March 2011

Cross-Species Pharmacokinetics of CK-2017357, a Novel Activator of the Fast Skeletal Sarcomere

Poster, 2010 FIP PSWC/AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition
New Orleans, LA
Mao J, Vo CH, Xu D, Bergnes G, Morgan BP, Morgans DJ
November 2010