CK-2017357, a Novel Activator of Fast Skeletal Muscle, Increases Isometric Force Evoked by Electrical Stimulation of the Anterior Tibialis Muscle in Healthy Male Subjects

Poster, Society for Neuroscience 40th Annual Meeting
Hansen R, Saikali KG, Chou W, Russell A, Chen M, Vijayakumar V, Stoltz R, Baudry S, Enoka R, Morgans D, Wolff AA, Malik F
November 2010

Effect of the Selective Cardiac Myosin Activator, Omecamtiv Mecarbil, on Left Atrial Performance in Healthy Men

Poster, 2010 Heart Failure Society of America Annual Meeting (HFSA)
San Diego, CA
Habibzadeh MR, Schiller NB, Malik FI, Chen MM, Saikali KG, Wolff AA, Goldman JH, Teerlink JR
September 2010

Oral Pharmacokinetics of CK-2017357 in Healthy Subjects

Poster, 39th Annual Meeting of the College of Clinical Pharmacology (ACCP)
Baltimore, MD
Mao J, Chou W, Malik F, Lee J, Gabus C, Seroogy J, Saikali K, Morgans D, Wolff A
September 2010

The Fast Skeletal Troponin Activator, CK-2017357, Reduces Muscle Fatigue in an in situ Model of Vascular Insufficiency

Poster, 2010 Annual Aging Muscle Symposium
San Francisco, CA
Hinken AC, Driscoll L, Lee K, Hartman JJ, Marquez D, Hansen R, Muci A, Morgan B, Morgans DJ, Russell AJ, Malik FI
September 2010

Discovery of Omecamtiv Mecarbil the First, Selective, Small Molecule Activator of Cardiac Myosin

ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters
Morgan BP, Muci A, Lu PP, Qian X, Tochimoto T, Smith WW, Garard M, Kraynack E, Collibee S, Suehiro I, Tomasi A
August 2010