The Fast Skeletal Troponin Activator, CK-1909178, Increases Skeletal Muscle Force in-vitro and in-situ

Poster, Biophysical Society 53rd Annual Meeting
Boston, MA
Lee K, Hartman J, Hansen R, Clarke D, Hinken A, Muci A, Morgan B, Vijayakumar V, Jia Z, Malik F, Russell A
March 2009

A novel approach to improve cardiac performance: cardiac myosin activators

Heart Failure Reviews
Teerlink, JR
December 2009

Rationale and Design for a Phase II Study Evaluating the Effect of the Cardiac Myosin Activator, CK-1827452, on Cardiac Function, Hemodynamics, and Myocardial Oxygen Consumption in Patients with Heart Failure

Poster, 2008 Heart Failure Society of America Annual Meeting (HFSA)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Parker JD, Michaels AD, Kass DA, Wolff AA, Felker GM and Malik FI
September 2008

First Clinical Trial of the Selective Cardiac Myosin Activator, CK-1827452, in Heart Failure: Effect of Dose and Plasma Concentration on Systolic Function

Poster, European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress 2008
Cleland JGF, Nifontov EM, Mc Murray JJV, Senior R, Lang CC, Clarke CP, Francis D, Greenberg B, Mayet J, Monaghan M, Neyses L, Tsyrlin VA, Goldman JH, Teerlink JR, Brand G, Lee JH, Saikali KG, Wolff AA, Malik FI
August, 2008

The Cardiac Myosin Activator CK-1827452-Induced Myocyte Contractility is Unchanged in the Presence of β-Blockade

Poster, 2007 American Society of Cell Biology (ASCB) Conference
Washington, DC
Anderson RL, Pokrovskii M, Suekawa K, Rodriguez HM, Elias, KA
December 2007