A Sensitive Assay for the Basal ATPase Activity of Cardiac Myosin

Poster, Society of Biomolecular Sciences Annual Meeting
Seattle, WA
Baliga R, Rodriguez HM, Guo D, Hartman JJ, Pierce DW, Sakowicz R, Morgan BP, Malik F, Finer JT
September 2006

A Detailed Kinetic Analysis of the Cardiac Myosin Activator, CK-1213296, Suggests It Improves Cardiac Contractility by Accelerating Transition from the Weak to Strongly Bound States

Poster, Molecular Mechanisms of Cardiac Disease and Regeneration
Santa Fe, NM
Rodriguez HM, Sylvester S, Hartman J, Shen YT, Kass DA, Vatner SF, Malik F, Sakowicz R
February 2006

Activation of the Cardiac Sarcomere by a Small Molecule Agent, CK-1213296

Poster, Biophysical Society Annual Meeting
Salt Lake City, UT
Rodriguez HM, Sylvester S, Kawas R, Malik F, Sakowicz R
February 2006

In Vitro and In Vivo Efficacy of the Cardiac Myosin Activator CK-1827452

Poster, American Society of Cell Biology (ASCB)
San Francisco, CA
Anderson RL, Sueoka SH, Rodriguez HM, Lee KH, Cox DR, Kawas R, Morgan BP, Sakowicz R, Morgans Jr DJ, Malik F, Elias KA
December 2005

A Multiplexed and Automated Imaging Assay of Cardiac Myocyte Contractility

Poster, American Society of Cell Biology (ASCB)
San Francisco, CA
Lenzi D, Fritsch A, Alexander G, Hansen R, Cong G, Zink W, Godinez G, Pham A, Trautman J, Pierce DW, Malik F, Finer JT
December 2005