Training Scientists At The Forefront Of Innovation

Training Scientists At The Forefront Of Innovation

Postdoctoral Fellows Program

The Cytokinetics Postdoctoral Fellows Program is dedicated to training the next generation of scientists poised to enter the biotech and academic research community to aid in the discovery of potential new medicines for cardiovascular and neuromuscular diseases. Cytokinetics postdoctoral fellows will have the opportunity to develop their own independent research project focused on one or more facets of muscle biology, including muscle contractility, mitochondrial function and muscle metabolism. Fellows will engage in the drug discovery process and gain foundational knowledge in target discovery, therapeutic mechanism of action and model development.

About the Postdoc Program

Postdoctoral Fellows will:

  • Design and execute an independent research project focused on cardiac or skeletal muscle biology
  • Perform cutting-edge research under the direct mentorship of a Cytokinetics scientist and work in collaboration with other researchers throughout the company
  • Have enrichment opportunities in communication, leadership, and laboratory management
  • Gain foundational knowledge of the drug discovery and development process
  • Cultivate a broad scientific network in biotech and academia

  • Fully funded 2-year postdoctoral research fellowship
  • Competitive salary
  • Full benefits
  • Funding for research conference travel (2 per year)

  • PhD in biochemistry, bioengineering, cell/molecular biology, physiology, or related field
  • Expertise in one or more of the following: primary and mammalian cell culture systems, in vivo models of heart failure and/or skeletal muscle diseases, NA-seq, proteomics, bioinformatics analysis
  • Track record for research excellence, independent critical thinking, and the ability to design, execute, and interpret experiments as demonstrated by high quality publications, presentations, fellowship, and grants
  • Enthusiasm for working in a team-based, multi-disciplinary environment, paired with excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Clear commitment to a rigorous 2-year research and enrichment program

  • NIH Biosketch (formatting instructions can be found here)
  • Cover letter (1-2 pages) that includes the following: (A) Summary of research accomplishments, (B) Proposed career path, (C) How a 2-year Cytokinetics postdoctoral fellowship will prepare you for your career path
  • Three letters of recommendation

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