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Who we are

Cytokinetics is a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing, and commercializing first-in-class muscle activators and next-in-class muscle inhibitors as potential treatments for people with debilitating diseases in which muscle performance is compromised and/or declining. Founded in South San Francisco, California, by pioneers in the field of muscle biology, we have been leveraging our scientific expertise to develop new medicines for patients for over 25 years.

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A leader in muscle biology research

With more than 115 publications, over 100 clinical trials, and hundreds of issued patents, Cytokinetics continues to pursue opportunities on the forefront of scientific research by expanding into research activities focused to the energetics, growth and metabolism of muscle. We are a team of innovators, creators, solution seekers and dreamers.

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What we do

By directly targeting the sarcomere, the foundation of muscle contraction, the treatments we are developing have the potential to positively impact those suffering from debilitating diseases. We have built a broad pipeline of promising investigational medicines grounded in rigorous research with a focus on disease of high unmet need.

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Our vision is to be the leading muscle biology biopharma company that meaningfully improves the lives of patients with diseases of impaired muscle function through access to our pioneering medicines.

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The values we live by

At Cytokinetics, how we do the work is equally as important as the work itself. Our shared values guide us in everything we do and build a foundation for our culture of integrity and compassion.

We operate with respect for one another and have high standards of excellence in our performance, but always keep in mind that it is in the interest of the patients we are fighting for.

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Leadership Teams

Cytokinetics is led by a team of seasoned industry veterans with the shared objective to be the leading muscle biology biopharma company that meaningfully improves patients’ lives.

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