The Values We Live By

The Values We Live By

A values-driven culture

We demand excellence, because everything we do is for the benefit of patients. We demand excellence because we are pushing the boundaries of groundbreaking science. We demand excellence because we can only be our best if we work as a team. We demand excellence because it’s the only way we know how to execute.

Patients are our North Star

  • We seek to understand our patients’ journey, and proactively embed their needs in our goals, priorities, business and community partnerships
  • We keep the patient front and center in all we do – all actions and decisions are in service of the patient and their caregivers
  • We advocate for the patient through our engagement in patient-centric activities like fundraising events, public policy initiatives, volunteering and education

Science is in our Soul

  • We are committed to robust scientific thinking, grounded in integrity and critical thinking, and not polluted by politics or divisiveness
  • We invite healthy debate, test hypotheses, encourage independent thought, and explore courageously the unknown – all in service of improving patient health and humanity
  • We are problem solvers – we push boundaries and think beyond the norm to come up with out-of-the-box solutions that make a difference

We > Me

  • We are stronger as a team, valuing the power of diversity, rising together as one
  • We insist on transparency, collaboration, and feedback
  • We champion integrity, ethics, doing the right thing, and being our best selves

Make it Happen

  • We are tenacious, resilient, and confidently navigate ambiguity to deliver results
  • We demonstrate courage by taking calculated risks, failing fast and recovering quickly
  • We hold ourselves accountable for our actions – without excuses or blame

Join our team

We’re seeking talented individuals to join us on our mission. If our values resonate with you and you strive to deliver excellence in all you do, there’s a place for you at Cytokinetics.