Guided By Our Principles Committed To Our Communities

Corporate Responsibility

At Cytokinetics, corporate responsibility is a fundamental principle and incorporated into every aspect of our work advancing innovative medicines. We prioritize patient centricity, maintain a strong moral compass and a rigorous compliance program, and we uphold high standards for diversity, equity, inclusion, and respect. As we move toward commercialization and continued growth, we have a commitment to ensure equitable access and affordability of our medicines, and, as our carbon footprint expands, we are increasingly focused on supporting sustainable communities through responsible environmental practices.

Corporate Responsibility Report

Our inaugural Corporate Responsibility Report outlines our activities, policies and goals to integrate corporate responsibility into our organization, and formalizes our pledge to ensure our progress continues in accordance with our values.

Our corporate responsibility framework

  • Continue to embed patient centricity across all stages of our business
  • Maintain strong investment in innovative R&D programs rooted in unmet need and high scientiļ¬c integrity
  • Ensure equitable access and affordability of our medicines
  • Maintain integrity, ethics and compliance across all business operations
  • Increase diverse representation for women and underrepresented groups in leadership and across the company
  • Foster a values-driven culture that is safe, diverse, equitable and inclusive
  • Provide transparent reporting on environmental footprint and climate risk
  • Actively manage environmental impact as we grow our operations
  • Champion stronger communities where we live and work through volunteerism and giving

Committed to Transparency

Cytokinetics adheres to the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of American (PhRMA) Code and other applicable industry codes and standards. Upon the potential approval of our drug candidates, we will also adhere to and follow applicable transparency reporting standards, such as federal transparency regulations (U.S. Sunshine). For more information on the Cytokinetics Compliance program, please contact