Resilience in the Fight Against ALS

Resilience in the Fight Against ALS

A Message of Commitment from Robert Blum, President & CEO​

For over a decade, Cytokinetics was at the forefront of research & development in ALS. Ultimately, we were not successful. While some might see that as failure, it is anything but. Throughout our journey in ALS, as we led the way in patient-centric drug development we learned valuable lessons that have shaped the company we are today and has bestowed on us an immense gratitude to the patient community.

Resilience in the Fight Against ALS book cover

Resilience in the Fight Against ALS​

Resilience in the Fight Against ALS shares our decade-long journey to discover and develop a potential medicine in ALS. It dives into what it takes to bring a new medicine to patients, recounts our experience, describes our learnings, and honors the important individuals impacted by ALS who inspired us along the way. We hope this book may serve as a way for us to pass the baton to other members of the industry and the scientific community who are dedicated to bringing forward new medicines in the hopes that it will shine a light on the path forward.

Audiobook coming soon, access the eBook free in the links below or find it on most major literature retail sites.

Behind ALS

Learn more about what it’s like to live with ALS in this documentary short series produced by Cytokinetics

Get a glimpse into the lives of two remarkable people living with ALS: Chuck, an Army Veteran, devoted husband and father, and Lindsay, a free-spirited artist and dreamer. While their stories may differ, each documentary shows the powerful of courage and love and the unwavering human spirit in the face of adversity.